4.Restricted Persons

4.1. The App is not offered for use to the persons having their habitual residence, location or citizenship in the country or territory where using the App is prohibited or in any manner restricted by applicable laws or regulations, or will become so prohibited or restricted at any time after these Terms become effective (“Restricted Persons“), including but not limited to:

4.1.1. citizens or residents (tax or otherwise) of the People's Republic of China or any other natural person, residing in the People's Republic of China;

4.1.2. green card holders of the United States or citizens or residents (tax or otherwise) of the United States of America, or any natural person, residing in the United States, including American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, or any person temporarily or permanently located at the territory of the United States of America;

4.1.3. citizens or residents of the Swiss Confederation.

4.2. The Restricted Persons are strictly prohibited and restricted from using the App and we are not soliciting usage by Restricted Persons in any way.

4.3. It is solely your obligation to verify each time you use the App whether or not you are a Restricted Person and whether or not you are allowed to use the App under the applicable laws and regulations.

4.4. If a Restricted Person uses the App, such Restricted Person has done so on an unlawful, unauthorised and fraudulent basis. In such a case, any transactions and operations entered in by the Restricted Person on the Platform may be null and void. We shall not be bound by such transaction or such operation and may, in our sole discretion:

4.4.1. take all necessary and appropriate actions to apply and enforce the consequences of the void transactions and operations specified above;

4.4.2. notify the relevant authorities on the transaction or the operation in question; and

4.4.3. when possible, retain all the funds paid by the Restricted Person and either freeze them until the situation is resolved by the respective authority or transfer them to the account specified by the relevant financial authority, or apply to cover inflicted losses or discharge liabilities, or refund to the payer of the funds in accordance with the applicable legislation.

4.5 Any Restricted Person using the App shall be solely liable for damages caused to us and shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless us from any damages, losses, and expenses incurred by us that arise from or are the result of such Restricted Person’s use of the App.

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